At the end of summer it`s the right time to flip through some pictures I made three month ago. Here you see some moments from our stay in Florence.


It was a super hot day. I hope thinking about that warm and lightfull day will keep me warm. We will see.


I made this picture while Thomas was waiting in the car for my return because we didn’t want to waste time looking for a parking slot. We had no idea that this parking thing would drive us a little bit crazy that day.


We saw many people with umbrellas that day and I recommend a hat or something else.

During lunchtime we spend our time mostly in the small streets. Shadow is the key.


Just wow.


Pigeon on a lion.


This is one of my favourit pics of that day. Just have a look on all these protagonists and what they are doing. I was feeling like doing an analysis of a painting in artslessons.