Today I canceled a trip into the nearby harz. And even I love all the snow I was a little bit sad that I will miss the sauna and relaxing rolled into a warm blanket and looking up to the hills and the night sky.


Because of the bad weather conditions we will stay at home. So I decided to sort a few photos I took during a walk earlier this week after I met a good friend of mine for lunch.


We had a nice meal of pasta and salad at the kaufbar, which is a nice place where you can find good food and you can buy all parts of the cutlery, dishes, cups even the sofas and chairs – if you’re lucky.

In the direct neighboorhood you’ll find a cute ceramics shop “bestform” which was unfortunately closed durign midday. So I’ll come back another day.


Because of the nice sunshine, I decided to have a little walk to the office to soak up the warm sunbeams.


I should have worn my sunglasses – it was such a lightfull day.


One of the best parts during wintertime is the clear blue sky on a sunny day.

braunschweig-oestliches-ringgebiet-3 braunschweig-oestliches-ringgebiet-4 braunschweig-oestliches-ringgebiet-5

When I’ve been a few days in another city like a tourist I normally look different on buildings when I take a walk in my hometown. So I can enjoy the architecture oft some buildings I would overlook normally.

braunschweig-oestliches-ringgebiet-8 braunschweig-oestliches-ringgebiet-9

I’m quite happy to have so many trees in the street our office is located. During summer or in the wintertime – they are so beautiful.